Web Design

Looking for an attractive, functional, quick-loading and multi-browser compatible design for your new or existing site? That's our specialty.

Here at HatRack, we've been doing this web stuff for a long time. We understand the function of business web site is to deliver the message, not show off. What message? Your message!

  • products and services
  • features and benefits
  • why and how

to your web browsing prospects and customers.

That's what we do.

Web Programming

If you're looking to move past a flat, brochure-type site and want your site to talk back to your visitors, we're ready to help you. We can make you a searchable database of products or services the show them what you've got, an interactive calculator to help figure out the benefits of doing business with you, a web form to let you update parts of your site yourself or anything else you can think of.

And if you've got an existing web app that you need tweaked, changed or upgraded, we can do that too. We have the expertise in PERL, PHP, JavaScript and Active Server Pages to do the job.

Web Hosting

HatRack Provides high-reliability, low downtime web hosting for all our clients.

HatRack's web sites sit on a multi-homed network that utilizes multiple DS-3 and OC-3c connections. We use only the fastest and most reliable, and secure FreeBSD-based (Unix) servers.

Wow, that's a lot of tech jargon. In plain english, it means that multiple, high-speed connections to the internet and high reliability equipment ensures that your web site is available when customers want to see it.

We offer a wide range of standard and specialty web and internet services for our clients, including advanced e-mail features, databases, shopping carts and secure connections

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